The foundation of Dagöplast AS

It was a coincidence, like always! The previous owner and the creator of Dagöplast AS Leif Andersson was going to visit his friend’s summerhouse in the island of Hiiumaa. They booked a rooms to a hotel in Kärdla. When they arrived on Friday evening, they had no rooms. Luckily they had seen sign said “Liilia hotel” on the road, so they decided to go there instead. Saturday morning, when Leif woke up, he heard a sound of a plastic machine. He walked around the area and found someone who was working with injection molding. This factory looked really nice and organized and he started to think : “Here I could start something”. There wasn’t any know-how about film production, but at least they knew something about plastics. He found out, who was the owner of this plastic industry, and they thought that they should do something together. The idea started in 1997.

There was not big plans at the beginning. Idea was just to start somewhere and to follow the development. They started carefully with some old machines. From that time it has been ongoing. Growing and growing every year.


1998 – Dagöplast AS was founded

1998 – Dagöplast AS received it’s first ISO 9001 certification

2001 – II factory in Käina started the production

2001 – Dagöplast AS received it’s first ISO 14001 certification

2003 – III factory in Nõmme küla started the production

2008 – IV factory in Lehtma started the production

2011 – Huge development in the I factory (New big building)

I and II factories become the I factory

III factory renamed to the II factory

IV factory renamed to the III factory

2015 – Dagöplast AS was sold to BioBag group

2016 – Dagöplast AS received it’s first ISO 22000 certification

2017 – III factory moved to Käina and integrated with the I and the II factory

2018 – Dagöplast AS celebrated its 20th birthday

2019 – Green Energy was taken in use in all units Dagoplast-Green-certificate

2021 – Italian company Novamont aquired BioBag Group

2022 – Dagöplast got a prize for being one of the best learner-friendly companies in Estonia

2023 – The solar park on the roof of factory I started operating